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It’s what’s inside that counts
There’s no chance you could spot two identical units here; all apartments differ in size, disposition and exposure. What they do have in common is the luxury of space and uninterrupted privacy made standard through expectedly comfortable, yet surprisingly unique dispositions.

Fifteen out of nineteen apartments in the development are duplex, which is true even for the smaller flats. It is not by accident that every unit possesses of at least one large terrace or patio, some both, and vast windows bring the vistas from the capital city and the mountain in. Apartments in Simeonovo Dream are more of self-contained maisonettes, and share no common features with living-boxes in a concrete block.

The bottom line is fine balance between ‘mine, all mine’ and a sense of community. Simeonovo Dream apartments are spacious and secure, yet a far cry from the anonymity of big ‘condominium’ buildings fashioned elsewhere. The common areas in the interior as well as outdoors are reduced to essentials and are smartly organized as the inner courtyard between the two buildings accommodates a recreational zone with a swimming pool and a gym, and the car park is fitted underground.

Modernist architecture and latest trends in construction meet the harmony of mountain’s serenity and fresh air. Both buildings have extravagant outlines which defy the dull commonplace constructions in the capital city.

The flat roofs, vast terraces and the simple, yet varying shapes of the levels follow naturally the mild slope of the site.

The black and white stucco facades have sophisticated gray nuances and the wood cladding and details of the windows and terraces add to the variety exterior oozing class.

The modernist and functional design of the grounds around set out among the surrounding structures. Nevertheless, with its simple lines and the natural materials the development fits seamlessly into Vitosha outskirts.

Drowned in greenery and sheltered by a mountain ridge, Simeonovo Dream makes the case of living in the capital and yet be isolated from the noise and clatter of a fast-growing busy city. The panoramic views towards Sofia and Vitosha are remarkable – actually in all four directions the development faces mountains, and only steps away from the fence the Simeonovska River runs.

The Recreational Zone is situated between the two buildings, around the swimming pool as its focal point. It is 1.5 m deep and has a shallow (0.5 m) section for minors. A gym with a sauna welcomes residents nearby and a roof deck with chaise-lounges – opposite. The recreational zone is only accessible to residents and is hidden from the eyes of occasional passers-by in this quiet neighborhood.

Security and Comfort
Both buildings have a lift that goes down to the underground garage that accommodates 24 vehicles. A small parking lot in front of the entrance of the development is provided for visitors. The city centre is at a 15-minute ride meeting just four busy crossroads on the way to the downtown. The security of the residents is guaranteed by 24/7 surveillance. The development is gas-supplied and has its own water-purification utility.