a Construction and Investment Company

We are what we do.

  • We choose convenient and upscale locations for living or business. We select sites that represent the perfect investment at the point of construction and whose prices are up and booming, thus we provide our clients with a key to a modern home, plus a secure and lucrative investment. The locations of the last two projects speak for themselves: Simeonovo 64 in the Simeonovo neighbourhood and Civitas Paulum in Manastirski Livadi just opposite the Boyana Residence.
  • It is modernist urban architecture for modern urban people. Our developments undoubtedly differ from the conventional structures and set out in the surrounding urban landscape. We spend readily on the best planning and design as we hire leading professionals in the field and we are keeping up high standards in the design of the interior and the exterior, providing for both usability and modern looks. We rely not simply on the notion of a different type of construction, but we offer a new quality standard and a new lifestyle.
  • The up-to-date design and the up market locations require an uncompromising quality and a special attention to details. Our mission is setting up European standards; we use only quality materials in construction and closely monitor every step of the process. The small details are as much important to us as they are to our clients.

Still, our projects speak louder – have a look here.